Atilogwu dance celebrations in Lagos Nigeria

Africa is prominently known around the world for its colorful culture, rich traditions and electrifying festivals. Many countries in Africa are successfully carrying on and keeping their traditions alive in the most original way that is what has evolved Africa as a major tourist destination of the world. These festivals bring back the history to life and during the festival days the passion of rich African History can be felt in the air.

Nigeria is also, one such country where Music and dance is fundamental to the way of life. The nation proudly celebrates “The Atiloqwu Dance” every year, in most exciting festivals, to keep its culture alive in the purist form. In Nigeria and even in the whole world, beyond a simple means of artistic expression, dances are sacred, holding deeply symbolic meanings and significance. Furthermore, a wide variety of rhythmic patterns form the basis of dance in Africa, which makes it a joyful memory for all young and old alike.

The Atilogwu dance is known as the national dance of one of the tribes named “the Igbo people” who comprise the Eastern part of Nigeria. It is a vigorous dance which literally means “Is this magic?” and combines elements of gymnastics with foot-stomping rhythms and brilliant costume colors, that takes years and years of steady rehearsing and hard work of all men and women. Atilogwu is Fast and energetic, it is done with acrobats and required focus, flexibility and control. The dancers are highly professional and trained under excel supervision.

The symbolic meaning of this dance is energizing, by showing the gymnastics, it expresses energy, strength and also the passionate romanticism of the youths. Therefore, if we state specifically or categorically, it is a dance of the youths in the society and representative of their skills and strength. It takes rigorous training before presenting the dance in public. Once approved, the dance is performed during important festivals and great social occasions, almost through out the year. If you happen to see this dance once in your life, it will keep you spell bonded and even if you are not familiar with the technicalities of dancing, you will be amazed by the perfection of the native dancers.

This African dances are the purist form of African Arts and culture. The most unique feature of “Atilogwu Dance” is that it offers as much variety as the music and traditional delights, the dancers are earth centered and repeatedly return to the earth as they give themselves to the rhythmic pulse. The Nigerian Dances can not be considered complete without wiggling, a common and most profound trait of archetypal Nigerian – African dances. Through out the last decades, The Atilogwu dance has been elevated to a dazzling art form that catches the attention of tourists and dancers world wide. For Nigeria, Atilogwu has become a celebrated signature of Nigerian culture, performed around the world with the same true passion and patriotism.

I you do not want to miss the ongoing Atilogwu dance celebrations in Lagos Nigeria, its just the right time to fly and bedazzled by this unique performance expected on the harvest festival in coming months of February. For a list of cheap flights to  Lagos

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